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A Premium Eco Friendly Natural Cot Mattress, Handmade with Natural Latex, Coir (Coconut Fibre) and Organic Cotton & Sheep Wool. With No Toxic Harmful Chemicals or Fire Retardants, It Is Naturally Hypoallergenic.  

The natural cot mattress is 2 Sided, making it versatile and durable:

  • The Firm side, recommended by safe sleep experts for younger infants, to provide support and ensure they do not overheat.
  • The slightly softer side, ideal for toddlers to transition to as they require greater comfort and pressure point support for growing bodies.

The Snoozel Green organic dual sided cot bed mattress will provide natural sleep support for your little one from new born to toddler!

Benefits of an Organic mattress

Having an organic cot mattress for your baby comes with a whole host of benefits for you, your baby and the planet:

  1. Better sleep - The versatility of the dual sided mattress ensures that your baby/ toddler will always have the perfect sleep surface, keeping their bodies fully supported and comfortable as they grow. The natural materials also promote better sleep as they wick moisture away from the surface and thermoregulate to keep the little ones warm in the colder months and cool in the Summer. And we all know that when your baby sleeps more comfortably you too will sleep more soundly! You can find out more about the Latex, Cotton, and Sheep wool and see just how amazing they really are.
  2. Healthier sleep - The awesome natural and organic materials we use aren't just great for comfort and support, they are actually far healthier than their synthetic alternatives. There are absolutely no toxic chemicals or fire retardants used in our organic cot mattress, so your baby won't be breathing in harmful VOC that are off gassed from synthetic foams. The materials are also naturally antibacterial creating a dry sterile environment stopping the growth of bacteria, moulds, dust mites and microbes. In turn this makes the mattress hypoallergenic as dust mites are the main cause of bed related allergies. You can find out more about the health benefits of our materials here.
  3. Better for the planet - All Snoozel Green products have been developed to use the highest quality natural and organic materials that have the lowest impact on the environment, whilst benefiting the people and societies that produce them. We go to great lengths to source our materials from responsible producers who are organic certified wherever possible. You can read more about our credentials to see just how great our products are.



All sizes are in centimeters (cm),
width x length x depth.

      70 x 140 x 10  £199




  • Cotton: GOTS certified Organic (Drill diagonal weave)
  • Weight: 125 grams per square metre (GSM)
  • Colour: Natural unbleached (Greige)
  • Sheep Wool: Himalayan Organic certified
  • Weight: 500 GSM
  • 100% natural A grade latex graphite blend sheet
  • Density: 75 kilograms per cubic metre (KCM) on top
  • Thickness: 3.75cm
  • 100% natural A grade latex graphite infused coir
  • Thickness: 4cm
    • BS 7177 - meets the requirements of BS EN 597-1 (cigarette) and  BS EN 597-2 (match), therefore can be classified as low hazard (domestic use).



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    5 year Guarantee

    Sleep naturally with the peace of mind that your Snoozel Green cot mattress is covered by our 5 year guarantee. We will replace or repair all cot mattresses that falls within the scope of our 5 year guarantee set out below (the “Guarantee”).


    1. General

    1.1 This Guarantee only applies to Snoozel Green Mattresses and toppers purchased in the UK.

    1.2 Subject to any pause in accordance with clause 4.7 and or any invalidity which may arise by virtue of clause 3, this Guarantee is effective from the date your Mattress or topper is delivered and expires 5 years from that date.

    1.3 This Guarantee is for your benefit as the original purchaser only and is not transferable to any other person. If you sell or transfer the Mattress or topper, or by any other means relinquish ownership of the Mattress or topper, the subsequent owner accepts the product ‘as is’, including all faults, and has no right to claim under this Guarantee.

    1.4 This Guarantee is in addition to, and does not affect, your statutory rights in relation to defective products as set out in the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 and any other relevant consumer protection legislation from time to time in force in the UK.


    1. Scope

    2.1 Subject to clause 3 and 4, you may seek to claim a replacement Mattress or topper under this Guarantee where your Mattress or topper exhibits one or more of the following material defects: 

    (a) the latex has split, cracked, torn or otherwise failed to retain its structural integrity;

     (b) any material manufacturing defect affecting the cover, which causes it to rip, split or tear (NOTE: DEFECTS TO THE COVER WILL ONLY BE GUARANTEED FOR ONE YEAR).  

    (c) another material defect or combination of defects in the materials or workmanship which is not attributable, in Snoozel Green’s sole opinion, to the Mattress or topper being treated with a lack of reasonable care and does not fall within clause 3.

    1. Limitation

    3.1 We reserve the right not to honour claims under this Guarantee at our discretion, in any circumstances, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

     (a) the fault complained of relates to the normal softening of the Mattress or topper with age, whether attributable to the settling of the materials or otherwise;

     (b) the fault complained of is normal wear and tear which could reasonably be expected to result from the Mattress or topper being used as a mattress or topper for sleeping on and in accordance with our instructions;

    (c) the fault is the result of any kind of accident, abuse, negligence or wilful damage whether by you or any other person, animal, weather event or otherwise;

    (d) the fault is the result of a force majeure event or act of nature beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to fires, floods, natural disasters, wars or acts of terrorism;

    (e) the Mattress or topper is in a soiled or unsanitary condition; 

    (g) the complaint relates to comfort preferences or localised firmness changes in the mattress or topper.

    (h) where the mattress or topper is not used for its intended purpose as a mattress or topper for sleeping on, or is used in a manner contrary to our instructions regarding use, including without limitation, use by any individual weighing more than 18 stone (114kg), or where you fail to rotate your mattress or topper (by rotating the mattress or topper from “head to toe” on a horizontal plane, as opposed to “flipping” the mattress or toper on a vertical plane) at least once per month in the first three months following delivery, and thereafter at least once per six months;

    (i) where the mattress or topper has been used without reasonable care. A user will be considered to have lacked reasonable care in circumstances which include but are not limited to the following:

    (i) use without bed linen;

    (ii) use with an unsuitable bed base. We consider a suitable bed base as including, but not being limited to, a supportive, dedicated mattress platform designed specifically for supporting a mattress, including a sprung or slatted bed frame, a divan base or a box spring. The slats on any slatted bed frame must be more than 2 inches in width and be no greater than 3 inches apart (most slatted bases are designed like this anyway). We don’t recommend the floor and other similar solid surfaces for our mattresses and toppers because they prevent the mattress and topper from breathing and ventilating on a vertical plane. These details regarding suitable bed bases are examples, given as non-exhaustive guidelines only, and Snoozel Green reserves the right to determine in writing whether a given bed base is suitable or not. Where you have any doubt as to whether a bed base, surface or platform is suitable, contact us and we will be able to confirm this for you in writing.

    (iii) the mattress or topper being, handled or otherwise dealt with improperly, including by storing it on its side (we recognise that carrying and/or transporting the mattress or topper on its side may be necessary from time to time in order to affect its movement between rooms and/or premises, but we recommend keeping any such movement to a minimum); and/or

    (iv) any other treatment which we reasonably consider as lacking the requisite degree of care.

    (j) where you attempt to alter or repair the mattress or topper without our approval, consent or instruction or attempt to clean the mattress or toper with improper cleaning products or techniques (see our FAQ section for details);

    1. Claims

    4.1 Any claim under this Guarantee must be received within 30 days of the date you actually discovered the defect, or the date you ought reasonably to have discovered the defect, whichever is earlier.

    4.2 Claims should be made to the original point of sale of the mattress or topper. For example, replacements for defective mattresses and toppers purchased on our website should be claimed directly from us by emailing, while replacements for defective mattresses and toppers purchased through an authorised retailer should be claimed through that authorised retailer.

    4.3 Upon seeking to claim under this Guarantee, Snoozel Green may require that your Mattress or topper is inspected in person by our independent inspection agent. Where you decline to facilitate this we shall be entitled to reject your claim. The report produced following such inspection may be used to assist us to determine whether your Mattress or topper falls within the scope of this Guarantee and therefore whether it is eligible to be replaced. Snoozel Green (with reference to the report of our inspection agent, if such is commissioned) is the sole arbiter of whether a mattress or topper is faulty and qualifies for a replacement under this Guarantee.

    4.4 If Snoozel Green decides that you may receive a replacement Mattress or topper, the replacement will be delivered to you by our standard delivery method at no cost to you within 30 days of your claim being accepted.

    4.5 Snoozel Green will either collect the faulty Mattress or topper upon delivery of the replacement, provided the collection address is in the country of purchase, or if agreed, arrange for you to return the Mattress or topper to us.

    4.6 Snoozel Green will replace a Mattress or topper under this Guarantee a maximum of two times per order/customer. Any subsequent claim sought to be made under this Guarantee will, if accepted by Snoozel Green (in accordance with this clause 4), be honoured by way of a refund rather than another replacement. Snoozel Green reserves the right to deduct amounts from the value of such refund to account for use made of the product prior to any defect arising, assessed with regard to the time which elapsed between the delivery date of the Mattress or topper and the date of the claim. Snoozel Green is the sole arbiter regarding the amount of any such deduction.

    4.7 Where a claim is made under this Guarantee, its duration will be paused until either (i) the claim is rejected by Snoozel Green or (ii) the claim is accepted, and a replacement Mattress or topper has been delivered by Snoozel Green. Upon the occurrence of either of the aforementioned events the duration of the Guarantee shall continue to run from the point at which it was paused until it expires in accordance clause 1.2.



    This guarantee was updated and applies to all Mattresses and toppers ordered on or after 9th October 2020.

    Care Guide

    • Avoid washing or dry cleaning the mattress. We recommend blotting the stained area, and once dry using warm water and a natural detergent gently massaged into the area.
    • Internal dimensions of the furniture should be no greater than 2cm more than the length and width of the mattress.
    • If any part is broken or torn please inform us immediately and do not use the mattress.
    • Always be vigilant to the risk of fire and avoid placing the cot mattress close to open fires, radiators, electric heaters etc.


    Is your baby mattress organic?
    The Snoozel Green dual sided cot bed mattress contains all natural and organic materials, from the coir (coconut fibre to the 100% tree tapped latex and Organic certified sheep wool and cotton cover).


    What size is a cot mattress? 

    The Snoozel Green dual sided cot bed mattress is 70cm x 140cm x 10cm. This is a standard UK size designed to fit the vast majority of cots, but always double check the dimensions of your cot before placing your order.


    Can you reuse a cot mattress for a second baby?

    Quite simply yes, and we always encourage people to maximise the use of our product and avoid wastage. The natural materials are extremely durable and designed to last a long time so there is no reason not to reuse it yourselves or pass it on to friends and family. *ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT THE SURFACE MATERIAL IS NOT TORN OR TAGS RIPPED TO ENSURE THERE ARE NO POTENTIAL CHOKE HAZARDS.


    How often should you change a cot mattress?

    A Snoozel Green dual sided cot bed mattress should easily last until your child grows out of it, and it has the benefit of being dual sided. The firmer side is perfect when they are very young, and as they advance to toddler age you can flip it over to the softer side for them. *IF THE SURFACE MATERIAL OR TAGS COME LOOSE OR ARE TORN YOU SHOULD ENSURE THEY DO NOT POSE A CHOKE HAZARD. IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT PLEASE DO CONTACT US.


    Can parents sleep with a baby in the same bed?

    There are different views on this, and individual circumstances to consider, so we would recommend contacting a qualified paediatric medical professional for their advice.


    Are latex cot mattresses safe?

    Latex is a great mattress material for adults and children alike. It offers great cooling offering comfort, support, and is chemical free as it does not contain any toxic fire retardants, so your little one can enjoy a naturally peaceful sleep.


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