organic cotton is natural, hypoallergenic and inherently biodegradable

If you are sensitive to odours, chemicals or artificial fibres, our organic cotton is the perfect solution; undyed and unbleached, allowing for the most natural, pure form of cotton available. Not only does this benefit your sleep, but you can rest easy knowing that the ecosystem in which it was made has been protected, and the people treated fairly.

GOTs organic certification.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world-leading standard for organic materials and they only work with recognised producers. This high-level environmental criteria, must be strictly followed during both the farming and manufacturing process for certification, giving both us and you peace of mind.

These guidelines also cover the working conditions, including fair pay, health and safety standards throughout the supply chain, ensuring fairness for all alongside the provenance of the cotton itself.

"It combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment. Furthermore, it promotes fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved."

Life Cycle Assessment for Organic Cotton - 2016

say no to GMO.

Our use of GOTS certified textiles ensure that no GMO seeds are used to produce the cotton in the Snoozel green organic mattress and mattress topper. The jury is still out on genetically modified seeds, however, here at Snoozel Green we believe the natural way is the best way to grow. This also helps the natural ecosystem and biodiversity of the land where our cotton is grown, in turn, allowing both the plants and local wildlife to thrive in harmony while you sleep.

Save water.

Studies generally agree that Organic cotton farming uses between 30%  to 91% less water than conventional cotton farming, largely due to the improved water retention in the soil. Water is a key resource in the majority of cotton growing countries, so any measure to make production less wasteful is A-OK with us.

keep soil clean.

As no synthetic chemicals are used in organic cotton production, there is no water or soil contamination. This helps protect water tables and minimises the farms impact on the local birds, bees, flowers and trees. 

the mattress

from £649

Our Snoozel Green mattress is made from carefully selected fabrics to provide full body comfort & support. Instantly upgrading your sleep hygiene. Green in our name - inspired by our environmentally friendly fabrics, meaning that both your body & mind can rest well.