If you find yourself not getting on with the snoozel green mattress we would firstly recommend reading through our mattress set up and sleep guides, and giving it a fair trial of at least 60 nights. However, we understand that everybody is different, and if you would like to return the mattress we will collect it free of charge within the 101 trial night period. Just drop us an email to arrange a suitable time hello@snoozelgreen.com

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF 101 NIGHT TRIAL (as per general Terms and Conditions)

8.1 As a goodwill gesture, we agree to extend your right to cancel your order of a Snoozel green mattress for any reason to 101 days. All we ask is for you to tell us the reason for your cancellation. Failure to provide a reason may delay the collection of your mattress, but ultimately will not void your right to return the mattress under the 101 night trial.

8.2 The period to cancel expires at 24:00 on the 101st day since the date the mattress was delivered.

8.3 This right must be exercised within the 101 day period by the same method stipulated in clause 7.4.

8.4 A collection date must be arranged between the Parties in accordance with clause 7.5.

8.5 You may only make and cancel a mattress order once under the 101 night trial (per mattress line). Any subsequent mattress ordered of the same type will not have the 101 night trial period, except as set out in clause 8.6. For the avoidance of doubt a purchaser who buys two different types of mattress will have a 101 night trial in respect of the first mattress ordered in each mattress line.

8.6 Where a claim is made under the mattress guarantee or your statutory rights, in accordance with clause 11, and a replacement mattress is delivered to you, your 101 night trial will be paused and will continue upon receipt of the replacement. Claims under these rights will not limit your entitlement to 101 nights (in total) to trial the mattress (or any replacement).

8.7 The 101 night trial is offered on the basis of goodwill and, as such, we reserve the right to refuse to honour the 101 night trial without prior notice in circumstances we see fit, including, without limitation:

(a) where you are associated with a mattress manufacturer or brand;

(b) where there is evidence that the mattress is stained, ripped, torn or which suggests or otherwise indicates the mattress has sustained any other damage whether due to negligence, wilful damage, neglect or otherwise; or

(c) where Snoozel green suspects any dishonesty, misrepresentation or misconduct on your part.

Except that your statutory rights remain unaffected.

8.8 The 101 night trial applies to mattresses only and no other Snoozel green Products.

8.9 Nothing in this clause affects your legal rights to cancel the contract under clause 7.

8.10 The 101 Night Trial referred to in this clause 8 is only available for new mattress purchases, either directly from us, or from a retailer who has been authorised by us to offer you the 101 Night Trial.

8.11 The 101-night trial may be offered in other circumstances at the sole discretion of Snoozel green.

woman sat on her snoozel green non-toxic natural mattress with her fluffy dog