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The Natural Organic Mattress


Snoozel Green Mission

We Started In 2018 With A Straightforward Mission, "Everything We Make Will be Health Focused, Eco-Conscious, Socially Responsible & Affordable". All Our Products Are Handmade In Sri Lanka Using Natural & Certified Organic Materials, Without The Use Of Toxic Chemicals, Fire Retardants Or Petroleum-Based Polyurethane Foams. Now Everyone Can Sleep Naturally!

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Take A Look What's Inside Our Green Natural Mattress

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Individually Wrapped Pocket Springs provide motion transfer reducing support with 14 gauge recycled steel springs - 20 per ft2


A 5cm layer of 100% Natural Latex wraps around the sides of the mattress to maintain shape, structure & provide consistent edge to edge reinforcement. Topped with an insulating layer of recycled cotton felt.


A 5cm layer of tree-tapped 100% Natural latex, is breathable, and gently contours the body for effective pressure point relief.


Organic Wool provides an initial cushion of comfort; a unique ability to wick away moisture; is naturally insulating and thermoregulating.


A luxurious GOTS Organic certified Cotton cover, unbleached, un-dyed, in a drill diagonal weave. Naturally hypoallergenic, soft, breathable and moisture wicking.


Two sturdy upholstered handles on each side, neatly sewn for a tight fit, and smooth finish when you add your sheets. Makes moving your mattress a breeze.

Some Natural Questions.....

Why choose an organic mattress?

The components in a Snoozel Green organic mattress, naturally, regulates your body temperature and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The organic cotton,  wool and chemical-free natural latex naturally wick away the moisture your body creates. Being made from organic materials in a natural, sustainable way means our eco-friendly mattresses deliver supreme comfort which is also kind to the environment.

What makes a mattress organic?

Snoozel Green organic mattresses are made from natural materials. This means you are not exposed to harmful chemicals which are ‘off-gassed’ over time by conventional, mass-produced mattresses. We know where the wool, cotton and natural latex that goes into a Snoozel Green organic mattress comes from. Our wool and cotton are certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) and our Dunlop latex is harvested sustainably in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved groves.

Why don’t you use memory foam?

Memory foam is made from polyurethane which is a plastic which can be tailored to be rigid (and used in the soles of shoes) or spongey and everything else in between. All plastics, by definition, are synthetic, take thousands of years to biodegrade and are the antithesis of natural. Sure, memory foam can be comfortable but we knew there was a way to achieve the same level of support and comfort of memory foam in a mattress that was organic, natural and eco friendly.

What materials are in the Snoozel Green mattress?

There are four main components to a Snoozel Green, organic latex mattress. We start with the springs which are made from recycled steel. Next, we add a layer of natural, sustainably harvested Sri Lankan, Talalay latex. Then we add our layer of organic wool and finally, it’s the turn of our GOTS certified cotton. These four core components create one very comfortable, natural, latex mattress.

Does your mattress meet flammability standards?

Just because our mattresses are natural doesn’t mean you need to worry about them not being safe, in fact, the opposite is true. Wool, by its very nature, is fire resistant. Because wool is a naturally dense material the lack of oxygen between the fibres makes it a challenging place for a flame to catch. This natural fire retardation can be achieved without spraying any chemical nasties on to the mattress. Our natural wool mattresses have passed BS 7177 - (meets the requirements of BS EN 597-1 (cigarette) and  BS EN 597-2 (match), therefore can be classified as a low hazard (domestic use).

woman sat on her snoozel green non-toxic natural mattress with her fluffy dog