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Snoozel green is the natural choice

the problem.

Some mattress brands will give their petroleum-based polyurethane and memory foam layers fancy proprietary names that make them sound natural or highly advanced feats of science. However, all it usually means is that they have added a few toxic chemicals to manipulate the foam or make it fire retardant.

All of these unnatural chemical materials and additions to your mattress will breakdown over time, and many can 'off-gas' as they do, meaning you could be breathing harmful chemical compounds night after night.

snoozel green is a natural sleep solution

no toxic chemical fire retardants
no chemical adhesives
no petroleum based foams
no bleach or pesticide
naturally hypoallergenic
naturally antibacterial


Highly toxic chemical fire retardants are commonly added to most regular mattress surface materials, and blended into or sprayed on their foam layers, simply because it is the cheaper option. This can lead to toxic off-gassing that persists in our environment, and accumulates in our bodies, which has been linked to a myriad of physical and mental health problems.

We have taken the healthy option with the snoozel green mattress. The organic wool acts as a natural flame retardant on the upper surface, and by blending natural graphite with our latex it ensures we meet all safety standards for foam flammability without the use of chemicals damaging to your health and the environment.


If you suffer from asthma, or any other pulmonary function allergies it is highly important you are aware of what your mattress is made of. Most mattresses use synthetic materials and toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process, which isn’t best for us as humans or the environment.

We can guarantee we use 100% natural latex, organic wool and cotton, this means you can be sure that there are no mysterious chemicals and toxins to be breathed in or absorbed by your skin, causing any irritations or allergies. So you can lie back, relax and slip into a deep sleep with ease.

Please note: If you think you might have a latex allergy please do contact us before purchase, so we can ensure we can provide the right mattress for you.

no petroleum based foams.

The snoozel green mattress does not use any polyurethane or memory foams. Instead, we proudly use 100% natural latex from tree-tapped and sustainably harvested rubber trees, to provide a natural, durable and high performance layer of support.

Regular mattresses use foam made from petroleum-based polyurethane, including any memory foam styles. A dangerous addition on its own, when combined with chemical adhesives and fire retardants, a regular mattress will gradually release chemical odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not only does this harm the environment during the manufacturing process, these chemicals can also slowly cause damage to your own health.

Naturally antibacterial

The combination of natural latex paired with organic cotton and wool fibres promotes a naturally antibacterial condition.

They are extremely effective at absorbing and desorbing moisture, depending on what the current conditions need. This creates a dry environment within your natural mattress, stopping any growth of bacteria, moulds, dust mites and microbes.

no chemical adhesives

The Snoozel Green mattress substitutes regular chemical adhesives, for a water based glue to hold the layers in position.

Our approach significantly reduces your exposure to chemical off-gassing, whilst promoting healthier indoor air quality.


Staying true to our natural philosophy, we steer clear of bleach and pesticides, on every stage of cotton growing and processing.

We work with farmers and manufacturers following GOTS, the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

Why do we avoid them? Well these chemicals can contain persistent hormone-disrupting substances that destroy ecosystems and biodiversity on an international scale. And they are not too good for your health either.

the natural eco mattress

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Our Snoozel Green mattress is made from carefully selected fabrics to provide full body comfort & support. Instantly upgrading your sleep hygiene. Green in our name - inspired by our environmentally friendly fabrics, meaning that both your body & mind can rest well.