how to choose a mattress

How to Choose a Mattress

With more choice than ever before, finding and choosing the right mattress for you can become a maze of options. When you are in the market for a new mattress you have to answer the following questions; do you opt for solid foam, pocket sprung or a hybrid? How firm should it be and what style is best to benefit your posture? These are the main three to start you thinking, as all of the answers should lead you to your preferred style, which will narrow down your search.

Feeling overwhelmed with the excess choice that is out there? We are here to answer all of the most common questions and more with our go-to guide for mattress buyers. With tips on how to find your perfect mattress match, this guide also offers expert pointers for when you simply can’t try out a mattress in person, or if you need one stat. If you follow our guide below, we can ensure you will end up with your ideal go-to mattress, for a dreamy night's sleep, every single night.

Pocket Sprung vs Solid Foam vs Hybrid

First up you need to decide on the style of mattress you are after. There are three mattress styles which are the most popular, with variants on either, but we can sum them up to innerspring, solid foam or a Hybrid of the two. The memory foam boom came in the past few years, and whilst they offer a quick, cheaper alternative, here at Snoozel Green we don’t generally rate full memory foam styles. (You can read more of our thoughts on memory foam beds here). So we are going to highlight our recommendation, which we have come to through extensive research on the components that are best for sleep, the environment and humans, in all their different shapes and forms.

Overall we would suggest a pocket sprung and foam combination (we use 100% natural latex for the ‘foam’) which offers the best of both worlds. Pocket springs provide support, natural bounce and stability, market research has proven that they outlast solid memory foam mattresses, providing better value for money. The Snoozel Green mattress features individually wrapped pocket springs that move with you. This provides maximum comfort and support as you catch your forty winks. We chose to use individually wrapped pocket springs as they reduce motion transfer (this stops you flipping up when your partner leaves the bed) and we are proud to state that all of our springs are made from 14 gauge recycled steel.

Your sleep style

Here you’ll need to really think about how you sleep. For instance, some mattresses are hotter than others and can cause a temperature increase through the night, (note, memory foam again!). This is especially important if you are a hot sleeper. Naturally if we reduce our core temperature, which we do by staying still in bed, it helps us fall asleep, so we would recommend a mattress that offers a cool, regulated sleep for everyone. The reason why memory foam mattresses often suffer from this issue is the density of memory foam. This causes them to overheat, due to the lack of airflow and the moldable consistency which can trap body heat. So if you’re a hot sleeper, they are best to be avoided in the long term.

Secondly, how do you sleep? Are you on your back, which is the most popular position, or do you prefer a side sleep? This is important to consider as this is where you will need the most support during your sleep. In our research we have discovered many side sleepers tend to opt for a softer mattress, to support their hips due to their position. Back and occasionally front sleepers need a firmer mattress as their weight is distributed evenly, so the full body from the feet to the neck needs a strong support system. Unsure how you sleep? Note the position you wake up in over the next two weeks, this will give you your overall preference. The Snoozel Green mattress has been designed to be suitable for all sleeping styles.

Materials make the mattress

To us here at Snoozel Green, materials matter. In fact, we set out to make Snoozel Green due to our passion for natural, sustainable materials, which we felt were lacking in the conventional mattress industry. Unlike traditional foam mattresses, our naturally hypoallergenic materials guarantee a peaceful sleep. We have carefully selected each material we work with, alongside the farmers and the process that is followed, to ensure everyone is treated fairly, so that we can guarantee the quality and labelling of each material. Let us explain a little more about our materials, every Snoozel Green mattress has a 5cm layer of 100% natural latex*. This provides a soft, comfortable topper, and the latex also wraps around the sides of the mattress to maintain shape and structure, eliminating any ‘drop-off’ feeling at the edges. All of our latex is 100% natural and tree-tapped, we particularly like how it gently contours the body for effective pressure point relief - perfect for whichever position you sleep in! Below this, we then have an insulating layer of recycled cotton felt, this material is naturally breathable, allowing for air circulation to avoid any overheating. The cushioning in our mattress is provided by a layer of organic sheep wool, it’s comfortable, thermoregulating and most importantly natural. All of these materials are encased in a GOTS organic certified cotton cover. We chose to work with unbleached, un-dyed cotton, which is naturally hypoallergenic, soft, breathable and moisture wicking, providing the perfect environment for your best sleep yet.

If you suffer from any allergies or are worried about toxic chemicals, from the materials or processes used in making your mattress, it is important to consider every material used in your future mattress. We can proudly say that our Snoozel Green mattress uses no unnatural chemicals from start to finish and is an anti allergy mattress.

*If you have an allergy to latex please contact us and we will see how we can help provide the right mattress for you.

How firm and large should you go?

How much firmness you need typically depends on how much you weigh and the position in which they sleep. It is important to also consider how many people will be sharing the bed (partners, occasional pets or children!) The Snoozel Green mattress is medium to firm, which we think provides a good support base alongside longevity, to save you money in the long run. Size wise we offer single, double, king and superking, these are the standard UK sizes, plus it makes it easier to shop for bedding. Unsure of what size to go? Simply send us your room dimensions and we can recommend a style for you and your bedroom.

Test and try your mattress at home

A good night's sleep is essential to our overall health and day-to-day functioning, you can tell the difference when you wake up well rested compared to when you have had disturbed sleep, so choosing the right mattress is extremely important. Ideally the main way you can test out if a mattress is correct for you is to try it out. Most companies now offer a trial period, so check out their offers and conditions before you buy. With Snoozel Green we want to ensure you feel fully confident and comfortable with your choice so we offer a 101 day and night trial, with free delivery and free returns in the UK*.

Following all the Covid-19 recommended health and safety rules, a two man team will take the mattress or topper to your room of choice, set it up and recycle the packaging. We can even take your old mattress away for recycling. Your health is our priority, all you have to do is make the bed, layback and relax.
We hope this helped offer pointers for your next mattress. If you have any questions on your mattress journey, no matter how big or small, we’re more than happy to help. Simply get in touch with the Snoozel Green team here and we will try our best to offer advice and expert opinion.

*Check your postcode and our delivery times here.