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Anti Allergy Mattress

One of the key elements for a good night's sleep is finding the right mattress for you. For many allergy sufferers this is imperative, as the wrong bedroom environment can contribute to the development or worsening of symptoms while you sleep. With this in mind, and to prevent you from suffering from any unnecessary sneezing, coughing or congestion, we took a deep dive into everything anti-allergy sleeping and compiled our discoveries in this handy, clear guide featuring all there is to know.

So, if you’re an allergy sufferer don’t fret, an undisturbed, restful night sleep isn’t far away...

What are allergies?

Recent research by Allergy UK found that there are at least 12 million people in the UK who are allergic to something within their own home. 59% of those who suffer from these at home allergies note that their symptoms worsen in the bedroom, suggesting their mattress may be the main culprit of their woes. But what exactly are allergies? Allergies show up in many ways and are an immune response to substances that come in contact with a person’s body, this can be through skin contact, breathing it in or rubbing your eyes. They result in common cold-like symptoms or itchy, irritable skin, leaving many questioning their skincare or general health, when in fact it is allergies causing the issue.

How exactly can a mattress enhance or encourage allergies?

The answer is dust mites. Some mattresses out there provide the ideal location and environment for pesky dust mites to breed and live. While us humans aren’t allergic to the microscopic dust mites themselves, many of us are allergic to the protein in their waste products, which is inevitable if you have mites. Typical symptoms include hay fever like reactions, which inevitably disturb your much needed eight hours of sleep per night. Allergies can also be triggered by a buildup of mould and mildew, which can grow inside your mattress without you being aware of it. This is often caused by warmth and dampness, the average adult loses around half a pint of moisture each night, which means it’s important to look for a mattress made with moisture absorbing, sweat wicking properties and natural temperature regulation. The materials your mattress is made from makes an important difference. Wise mattress buyers should also look at the process by which the mattress was made, as many allergies can stem from the harsh chemicals used, which over time are released. This is also known as ‘offgassing’.

Keep allergies at bay

Following on from the three main causes that should be considered in all anti-allergy mattresses, there are also many actions you can take to keep allergies at bay.

To avoid a build up of mites, dust, skin particles or even animal fur (from your pets) ensure you wash your bedding at 60°C every week. This will keep everything fresh, clean and the high temperature will kill any dust mites. Also, a handy tip, instead of making your bed straight away in the mornings, pull back the covers and allow it to air. This allows any moisture to escape and avoids trapping heat all day, providing the perfect breeding ground. Weekly hoovering is also best practice, and if you have any spills (we’re all fans of secret eating in bed) it may sound obvious, but clean it up right away. These hygiene tips are all well and good, but if you are still suffering from allergies it could be time to invest in an anti allergy mattress.

The Snoozel Green mattress

Naturally anti allergy, we work with the finest materials nature has to offer. We work with farmers and factories who share our values and commitment to natural, organic and ethical production. Our focus is on high quality natural materials and processes. GOTS organic certified cotton and wool provide both comfort and breathability. Natural latex is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, resistant to dust mites and sweat wicking, which keeps moisture from building up over time. This helps it resist mold and mildew. Our hypoallergenic mattress is made to be completely chemically free, so you can sleep safe, knowing you have chosen the smartest natural anti allergy mattress available.

Please note, If you do have a latex allergy please get in touch with us here, we are more than happy to help you find an alternative or discuss your best possible option with us.

Can you be allergic to a memory foam mattress?

The simple answer is yes you can. Due to the lack of breathability in the memory foam these mattresses often trap in heat, meaning they can get quite warm during use which can cause irritation and uncomfortable sleeping temperatures. The smell on the memory foam mattress can also cause allergies yet this will disappear over 2-3 days. Again, it’s important to look at the materials the mattress is composed from, some chemicals which are in the foam itself can cause issues with sensitive sleepers.

What is the best bedding for allergy sufferers?

No matter the style or material of your bedding, you should ensure you wash it at 60°C every week to help keep allergies at bay. The fillings of anti-allergy bedding items are usually composed of synthetic fibres, as an alternative to feathers, which are largely considered to be better for allergy sufferers. Fibre duvets and pillows are easily washable at home without losing their shape. There are a wide range of options out there for anti-allergy duvet protectors and pillow protectors, allowing you to have your most comfortable sleep.

How do you know if you have dust mites?

Whilst you can’t see these microscopic mites, you will be able to spot their presence with dust-mite related allergies. These tiny spider-like creatures feed off discarded human skin, (that's the dead skin you lose daily). If you notice any usual itching on your body, particularly as you lie in bed, this is the first sign of the presence of mites. They also can cause an allergic rash for some, whilst they don’t bite, this rash may be triggered and irritated by their presence. Be careful as they can travel from room to room by your clothing, and often burrow further down into your mattress to keep breeding. With dust mites, prevention is the best cure.

What bedding is best for Eczema?

Your bed and bedding are the most important aspect of your sleep environment. Cotton is always the best option for anyone suffering from eczema. At Snoozel Green we only use natural fibres, and we think for your bedding this is the only direction to go to ensure a safe, allergy free sleep environment. Bamboo, linen, silk, and wool are also good choices, as long as they haven’t been treated with any strong or harsh chemicals. Wool and cotton especially are naturally hypoallergenic, which is why we use them to construct our mattress. An added bonus of cotton and wool is that the fibres actually dry out dust mites due to their breathability. What your pillow is stuffed with can also cause allergy symptoms, such as down feathers, which may irritate and collect dirt due to their fibres. With bedding we suggest trying it in person, there are many non-allergenic feather pillows, but we strongly recommend natural anti-allergy materials such as cotton and natural latex as a filling.

Can an old mattress cause allergies?

Yes, if your mattress is more than seven to eight years old it can indeed cause allergies. The older the mattress the more likely it is to have an environment friendly to the allergy causing dust-mite. An old mattress can also cause discomfort, as the support and comfort layers breakdown over time, which can cause disturbed sleep, leaving you waking up full of aches and pains. It may be time to invest in a new mattress if your current one has started to feel uncomfortable; you find yourself developing allergy symptoms; you are noticing increased weight gains; or increased levels of stress (a lack of quality sleep can inhibit your bodies ability to detoxify properly). A new natural mattress isn’t just for your comfort, it’s also great for your overall general health.

When shopping for a new anti allergy mattress, it is largely advised to choose mattresses that are made from natural latex to help deter dust mite accumulation. Luckily for you, this is exactly what the Snoozel Green mattress was designed to do (that’s why we include latex and other breathable, natural materials). To explore more, or if you have any questions please get in touch here. We’d be happy to help find the right mattress for you.