best mattress for teenagers

Best Mattress for Teenagers

Sleep is one of the most important tools to promote brain function, mood and physical health. With most of us needing six to eight hours of sleep per night to feel fully rested. Sleep is of equal, if not more, importance to teenagers. With benefits stretching from enhancing exam performance, promoting effective decision making and allowing their bodies to rest, all highly important for their development.

This is why when choosing a mattress for your teen it's crucial to find the right mattress match. You'll need a mattress to help support their body and promote a healthy sleep routine, this can stabilise moods and help their overall wellbeing. A win-win for everyone in the family!

Here are our top tips on aspects to consider and how to choose the best type of mattress for your teenager.


Firstly you must consider the size and body type of your teen, as they will be going through many growth spurts. This is of utmost importance for your teen as they are at the fastest growth stage in the human life cycle. We would recommend single, double or even king size beds for your teenager. Bonus tip: invest in a bigger bed in the early teens, this prevents them from outgrowing the bed frame and consequently the mattress. Saving you both time and money.


Does your teenager have any known allergies or sensitivity? This is highly important to keep in mind when choosing a mattress. Naturally we would recommend an anti-allergy mattress, to ensure they don't suffer any unnecessary sleep disturbances. This is why at Snoozel Green we opt for an organic mattress, completely natural with no chemicals.


Following on from allergies, the materials your teenager's mattress is made from can make all the difference. A completely natural, organic mattress is your best and safest bet, in our opinion. This is because toxic chemicals can be be present in the cotton farming process right through to the glue used to seal your bed together, which can cause reactions such as headaches, a runny nose or rashes in sensitive sleepers. This can also be the case with a memory foam mattress due to the chemicals used in manufacturing (read more here)

A Snoozel Green mattress is naturally hypoallergenic, composed of organic materials to guarantee a peaceful sleep. With a 5cm layer of 100% natural latex, providing a soft, comfortable sleep surface. The cushioning in our mattress is provided by a layer of organic sheep wool, it's comfortable, thermoregulating and most importantly natural. Both of these materials are then encased in a GOTS organic certified cotton cover, this is unbleached and undyed cotton providing a soft and breathable environment for your teenager to snooze in.

Sleeping habits

Here you will have to take into account your teenagers sleeping position, and in fact, exercise routines. This helps you decide how much support and where they need that support most in their sleep. With Snoozel Green we added a top layer of natural latex for breathable comfort, which also helps reduce and cushion any sports related injuries.

All of our latex is 100% natural and tree-tapped, causing no damage to the ecosystem or biodiversity of the land. We particularly like how it gently contours the body for effective pressure point relief, similar to memory foam, but without the chemicals. Below this, we then have an insulating layer of recycled cotton felt, this material is naturally breathable, allowing for air circulation to avoid any overheating or build up of dust bites or bacteria.

Test and try

In all honesty, we believe you should test and try out your mattress to see how it works for you. This is why with Snoozel Green we offer a trial period so your teenager can test out their sleep on your choice. We want both you and your teen to feel comfortable, which is why we offer a 101 day and night trial, with free delivery and free returns in the UK*. Giving you peace of mind, so you can also sleep well in the knowledge your teenager is getting the best rest possible, on the best mattress around.

Explore our Snoozel Green mattress here, and find out today why we're the best sleeping option for your teenager. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.