how to stay cool at night

How to Stay Cool at Night

When you're too hot to sleep, a night in bed can be a nightmare and not the restful, refreshing experience it should be. As you would expect from a company that specialises in temperature regulating mattresses and toppers we would recommend buying one as your first port of call. But as a company that also cares about our customers, we wanted to put together this handy little guide which can help you keep cool at night, with or without, a temperature-regulating mattress.

How to Stay Cool at Night: The Basics

Before we get into the science of products available to help keep you cool during the night let's start with the basics. A cool or tepid shower right before bedtime will help bring your body temperature right down as well as relieving the sweaty and sticky feeling, especially if the ambient temperature is high. If it is warm or your bedroom is south facing (or gets the sun in the evenings) you should open your windows during the day and close your curtains and blinds.

Here are some 'body hacks' which can help regulate your temperature. Firstly try exercising earlier in the day rather than last thing at night - exercise raises your core temperature so the earlier you can get this out of the way the better. Next up, drink plenty of water throughout the day. This (along with the proven health benefits of staying hydrated) will keep your body temperature lower during the 7-8 hours when you really need it to.

How to Stay Cool at Night: Linen and Sleepwear

You should invest in the best linen and cotton sheets and sleepwear you can afford. Synthetic materials, like polyester, are made from plastics which will not help regulate your body temperature. Similarly, cotton or linen nightwear should be worn as the same principle applies to what you lie on to what you lie in.

How to Stay Cool at Night: Mattresses

There are many mattresses out there which claim to have cooling properties and call themselves a cooling mattress. The problem, as far as we see it, is that most conventional mattresses are made with synthetic products. Synthetic quite simply equals plastic and plastics will not regulate your body temperature. Some sportswear brands claim to have developed synthetic fabrics recently that achieve the aim of body temperature regulation but when it comes mattresses or toppers natural fabrics will be best.

Why natural materials are best for keeping you cool at night

Woollen fleeces naturally regulate your body temperature. The crimp in the wool allows the heat to escape when you get too hot (conversely this crimp also insulates you when you get too cold). The science behind this is all-natural, the body temperature regulation works for you, as it does for the sheep. As your (or the sheep's) body temperature rises moisture is wicked away along every fibre which is then released.

Similarly organic cotton is a super absorbent fibre. In its natural form, it is able to absorb up to ⅕ of its weight before the cotton starts to feel damp. Why? The structure of organic cotton provides ventilation that allows it to 'breathe'. The structure of organic cotton is both flat and twisted and it's this unique structure which allows it to absorb moisture from the body which, in turn, allows it to be quickly dispersed into the air. This process is fundamental whilst you sleep as keeping your body's temperature regulated is the key to a great nights rest.

Can a memory foam mattress cause night sweats?

There are lots of benefits to a memory foam mattress; they're great for side sleepers, they can ease the pain on your joints relieve pressure. There is, however, one significant disadvantage to a conventional memory foam mattress and that is its tendency to trap heat in the mattress. This, as we mentioned, is down to the nature of the materials memory foam mattresses are made from, quite simply they trap body heat and can cause night sweats. The dense materials they are made from trap heat and it's very hard for that heat to work its way out.

Some top and unconventional tips for staying cool at night:

  • Placing ice packs or cold compresses on pulse points can be a lifesaver, especially on hot nights. Similarly, you could use a hot water bottle, filled with ice-cold water can help regulate temperature. Then you’ve got a cold water bottle!
  • Make yourself a DIY air conditioner. Fill a pan with ice or ice-cold water and position a fan above it. The breeze from the fan will then create a sea like breeze, perfect for those hot nights (and cheaper than real air con).
  • Create a cross breeze. Get creative with your fans by positioning multiple fans at different points in the room.
  • Heat rises, get low. If the heat really is too unbearable take the mattress from your bed and position it on the floor - its the mattress that makes you comfortable and not your bed.
  • Turn your standard memory foam mattress into an organic one. Simply add one of our organic mattress toppers, they're made from the same materials as our super comfortable organic eco mattresses.
  • Having a cold shower (or just a cool shower depending on how brave you are) is a great way to stay cool if you're a hot sleeper. When getting ready to fall asleep, our core temperature drops naturally, so taking a cold shower helps speed this process up.

We hope you find these tips as to how you can regulate your temperature and keep cool in bed and if you would like to find out more about our eco-friendly, organic mattresses or toppers, please feel free to contact us here.