What is a rejuvenated mattress?

What is a rejuvenated mattress?

As an online retailer our customers don’t get to come into a showroom and try out our mattresses before making the big decision to purchase one. This sounds bad right? We like to think it is actually a good thing for a few reasons.

With Snoozel Green you get to have a proper trial of our mattress. Lying down on a showroom mattress fully clothed whilst a salesman reels off a stream of facts and technical specifications about springs is not the correct environment to see if a mattress is right for you and your partner. We will deliver the Snoozel Green mattress to your room of choice and unpack it for you so you can give it a proper sleep trial on your bed frame, with your bedding, in your bedroom with its unique environment for up to 101 nights. This gives you a great opportunity to truly experience how the mattress will impact your sleep life, and if you decide that it is not quite right for you at any point in the trial period, we will come and collect it from you completely free of charge.

As everyone is different we (occasionally) find that we do get customers take us up on the free returns within our trial period. This left us with the question of what to do with these perfectly good mattresses, which have been very lightly used? Many of the rolled mattress in a box companies will simply throw their returns into landfill, as the cost of cleaning, storing and reselling them is just too expensive for them, and does not fit into their business models. However, we decided that rather than simply recycling or throwing them into landfill we wanted to make sure that we minimise our impact on the environment by finding new homes for these perfectly good mattresses.

Once a mattress is returned to us, within 30 days, we will have it inspected for any tears or heavy stains; the next step is for the mattresses to be professionally cleaned using mild chemical free detergents before getting wrapped up safe and sound to be resold as rejuvenated mattresses. As these mattresses have been rejuvenated they may have some small signs of usage, but the durable materials we use on the surfaces and internally will not be impacted. The best part is that we offer a discounted price on our rejuvenated mattresses, which makes them an even more affordable natural option! And as an extra level of security for the customer, the 101 night trial period is also included with rejuvenated mattresses.

What happens to any mattresses that are returned after more than 30 days or have tears/ heavy staining? We want to make sure the quality of our product is maintained, so will not resell mattresses that have been returned after 30 days or have tears or staining. Instead we will look to donate these to charities or as a last option have them recycled.

Luckily for us our rate of returns is very low, but do check for rejuvenated mattresses when selecting your mattress size on the product page here.