The best mattress for you if you're allergic to latex

The best mattress for you if you're allergic to latex

Having allergies can get you down. We fully understand this and believe that the choices you make in your day to day and home life should be simple, easy and allergy free. Considering we spend so much time in our beds, where and how we sleep can have a huge impact on our day to day health. That is one of the many reasons why we created Snoozel Green, a natural eco-mattress that is accessible and suitable for all. 

If you are aware of a latex allergy, or you wake up feeling sneezy, dry or itchy, this could be a sign of an allergy caused by your mattress. Dust mites, pet dander and different dyes can also trigger this, and are best avoided for a good night's sleep! But for now, let’s look at latex. 

So what causes a latex allergy? (And what to look out for).

Latex allergies are caused by a kind of protein in the latex that can trigger skin-based reactions. Common symptoms include breathing issues, congestion, and runny noses, not an ideal combination for a good night of rest. Latex allergies can also cause rashes and even hives for some, however it’s not common and generally only affects 5-10% of the population.

The best mattress option for you

A full natural latex mattress may not be the right mattress for individuals with allergies if they also suffer from contact dermatitis because of this material. If that's you, the best mattress for allergies would be those that use natural latex, along with other design elements intended to combat allergens.

Natural latex-based mattresses work well in hybrid mattresses, such as our own Snoozel Green styles. We have tried and tested many formations, and our natural hybrid has proved the best by far. Teaming the innerspring coil with natural latex and clean, untreated wools and cottons. Offering great sleep, minus the triggers. 

Here is what our Snoozel Green mattresses are made of. With natural latex cushioning separated from skin contact via untreated, organic wool and cotton, making it the safest, most comfortable option for latex allergies. 

  •  The base features individually wrapped pocket springs to support your body as you rest. 
  • A 5cm layer of 100% Natural Latex is then wrapped around the sides of the mattress to maintain shape, structure & provide consistent edge to edge reinforcement. Topped with an insulating layer of recycled cotton felt. This is breathable, and gently contours the body for effective pressure point relief.
  • Organic Wool covers the latex to provide an initial cushion of comfort; a unique ability to wick away moisture; is naturally insulating and thermoregulating. Which causes less dust mite and bacteria build up. 
  • Finally we top our mattress with a luxurious GOTS Organic certified cotton cover. It is completely unbleached, un-dyed. Keeping our mattress safe for everyone.

To find out more about our mattresses, feel free to contact us here. We feel so confident about them, you can also try one for yourself with our 101 day trial.