The benefits of a latex mattress topper

The benefits of a latex mattress topper

Looking to upgrade your bedroom and your sleep? The answer might not lie with a brand new mattress, why not consider investing in a topper for an instant improvement. Here at Snoozel Green we recognise the importance for good sleep hygiene and for this to be accessible to everyone. That’s why we developed our topper, a great way to add a natural sleep surface to your current bedroom situation.  With many benefits from health, price point and ease, here’s why we think our topper may just be the right match for you:

 An instant mattress upgrade  

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, having purchased the wrong mattress, or renting a pre-furnished place with a used mattress. It’s a fact that over time and use, your mattress will wear down or may not be suited to your sleep style, then you may find that it won’t be long until your mattress loses its comfort, firmness, and softness. This may leave you waking up with aches and pains, or even suffering from disturbed sleep through the night.  Sadly many standard mattresses on the UK market today don’t take long to lose their internal structure, especially the standard styles used in rental homes.  
This is where our latex topper comes in handy and saves the day, providing an easy upgrade to your sleep situation, which avoids the cost of a brand new mattress. Perfect if you are a short term renter or need a quick sleeping fix, fast!

The benefits of a topper:

Over time you change

You may find that over time your preference for mattress firmness changes. This is only natural as we grow older, and this is particularly important to keep in mind with children and younger adults whose bodies are growing everyday. If our current mattress becomes too firm or too soft for our liking and our body shape, then this can cause problems, not only in you getting a sound sleep, but also causing stiff muscles when you wake. This can also happen with new mattresses, when they arrive slightly less similar to what you imagined. A topper is a good addition to help you control the firmness of your bed, allowing you to add extra comfort for those long snoozy sunday mornings.


Adjust to the weather

Depending on each season you need your mattress to perform for you, whether it is warm or cold, you need a mattress to naturally react. In summer the warmer temperatures may cause an issue with some memory foam mattresses, which often cause a heated sleep. This is due to their lack of temperature regulation and air flow, which can trap body heat through the night. This problem is caused by the fact memory foam by nature is a poor heat conductor, and does not breathe well. In essence, as you lay on the bed, it incubates heat from your body around you, instead of conducting it away. Leading to your body heat rising and possibly even sweating at night.

It’s also important to note here, on the subject of heat retention and memory foam, that full memory foam mattresses are not the best type of mattress available, especially from a health and comfort point of view. They can release a lot of chemicals (known as ‘off-gassing’) due to the synthetic/man-made materials and production process, you can find out more on this here.  If you have a memory foam mattress or are a hot sleeper, a latex mattress topper could save you from uncomfortable sweaty nights. Latex by nature breathes well as it has air channels allowing proper air circulation, this naturally conducts your body heat, keeping you cool while you sleep.

Offering more support

 Foam mattresses and regular mattresses tend to lose their support rather quickly. This can lead to the feeling that they are caving in on your body. This ultimately makes it uncomfortable to sleep on since you cannot adjust your body position easily. Many people find themselves having to wake up and climb out of bed with aches and pains. 

This problem arises from the slow-moving nature of memory foam mattresses, which means they can cave in on you slowly and also rise up just as slowly. As you sleep, the slow movement will lead to sleeping in a ‘depression’ that will trap your body in a single sleeping position that might result in bedsores or other injuries. Here a topper can combat this, by providing firm support on top of your mattress.

What is a Latex Mattress Topper made from?

We are thrilled to say our latex topper is completely natural, and offers a fair process for everyone involved. From the farmers to our delivery drivers we set out to create a completely fair, conscious business and this runs right through Snoozel Green, in every team.

High-density memory foam toppers are generally considered to be the best material for toppers. Most people purchase a topper to make their sleep more comfortable and memory foam is generally the go-to for this. Our natural mattress toppers deliver the memory foam experience by using natural latex, keeping you safe whilst protecting and preserving our earth as well! 


Snoozel Green proudly uses 100% A grade natural latex in our organic mattress topper. This natural material is made from Forest Stewardship Council approved rubber plantations in Sri Lanka. Here pure rubber sap is sustainably harvested from the tree Havea Brasilliensis (these trees produce rubber for up to 30 years and are not harmed during the harvesting process). The sap of the tree is whipped to a froth, blended with natural graphite (the graphite adds to our natural toppers’ fire-resistant properties) and then moulded. After being heated the result of the process is a natural latex that is both clean and green, it is also resilient, durable and wonderfully comfortable. Nature’s memory foam, if you like. We can proudly state that we do not use any synthetic latex during the manufacturing process and we never will!

Organic cotton is the perfect material for the outer layer of our natural mattress topper. Our soft, natural cotton is durable, hypoallergenic and breathable. Like our mattresses, all of our natural latex toppers are made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. So you can rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals in our unbleached and undyed natural mattress toppers. A perfect option for those with allergies and sensitivities.

Below the organic cotton cover of our natural mattress topper comes a layer of quilted wool. Made from 100% organic, fairtrade wool from sheep from the foothills of the Himalayas, this material is a perfect cushion for your body. Weighing in at 500 grams per square metre this dense, natural material delivers maximum comfort with minimal harm to you or the environment. Naturally fire retardant (which means no chemical nasties are needed) wool has the ability to insulate during the winter but also wick away moisture in the summer. Providing a wonderfully adaptive environment for sleep

Are latex mattress toppers safe?

Not all latex mattress toppers are safe, as latex may contain chemicals which have been added during the manufacturing process. As our topper is made from natural latex we can guarantee it’s safe for everyone to sleep on.

 For a person with a history of allergies, you will want to avoid using synthetic materials especially in your mattresses, bed cover, and pillowcases. You are better off using whole organic materials instead. This is another bonus as our toppers are 100% organic and hypo-allergenic, causing no irritation, runny eyes or itching when you wake. You can lie back and fall asleep, safe in the knowledge you have a comfortable, natural base.  

Are Latex Mattress Toppers worth it?

Our natural mattress topper is an additional comfort layer that increases the longevity and cosiness of your mattress. The benefits of the Snoozel Green organic topper are that you can get some of the great benefits of our mattresses, like the ability to wick away moisture when you’re hot and retain your body heat when it’s cold. You can sample this with our topper, without having to invest in a completely new bed. We would argue they are completely worth it, to add an extra layer of comfort to your sleep. Also they come in very handy in guest rooms!  

 How long do latex mattress toppers last?

Latex mattresses toppers will last a long time, up to 10 years if you ensure that you look after them well. Treat them as you would a mattress, and prolong the life but following the below basic upkeep steps. 

Regularly air it out and rotate it. Compliment this with a clean and vacuum it weekly, if you have any staining remove it with a damp cloth (no chemicals needed). As a topper is so flexible we highly recommend never folding them, or walking on as this will damage the quality of the materials. 

 Discover our mattress topper here, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

P.S did you know you can also enjoy a 101 night trial of our topper? Find out more here