Sleeping in the Summer

Sleeping in the Summer

Don't say it out loud, but it seems that the Summer is officially here. It's time to dust off the BBQ's, polish the sunglasses, and enjoy the cricket/ beach/ festivals/ holiday (delete as appropriate).

With all the fun to be had it is important to stay healthy and energised by paying attention to your sleep quality and quantity. You might think that the Summer's extended daylight hours will only disrupt your sleep, but there are some aspects of the season that actually make it great for restorative beauty sleep. Here are a few tips from Snoozel HQ.


Gentlemen to bed

Whether you have kids or not, the summer usually has  a more irregular relaxed schedule, with holidays, outdoor events, and just more going on at night and over the weekend. It can be tempting to stay up late and catch up by sleeping in when you get the chance. Making that a habit could disrupt your sleep patterns well past these summer months. It is best to try and remain as disciplined as possible, keeping to a routine with some minor adjustments to take advantage of the extra daylight (especially in the mornings).

Lights out

In order to keep your internal clock ticking at a regular schedule, you need to minimise excess light at night. That means eliminating time in front of laptops, smartphones, and the television in the hour or two before bed, try reading a book, listening to some relaxing music or a podcast. We know it is easier said than done, but trust us, you will feel the benefits almost immediately.


Lighten up

Summer in the UK means earlier sunrises and longer days, and that can actually be helpful for people with circadian rhythm disorders or “night owls” who have trouble falling asleep at night. The early morning daylight is a natural cue to the body to wake up and be more alert during the day. You can take advantage of this benefit by getting plenty of sunlight first thing in the morning—whether that’s walking the dog, squeezing in a quick outdoor workout before breakfast, or having a coffee on the patio. 

Play it cool

Heat and humidity can be some of the biggest challenges to good sleep in the summertime. To help keep your bedroom comfortably cool use a fan to circulate air, and draw curtains or blinds to minimise the sun heating up your room during the day. 

Sleep naturally

This is where a Snoozel Green mattress can really help, because we use organic cotton and wool as your sleep surface. These natural organic materials have the unique ability to wick away moisture, creating very dry sterile conditions, which makes the Snoozel Green mattress a great natural insulator trapping warmth in the cold months and evenly dispersing it when things heat up. Similarly, if you haven’t swapped out your heavy winter blanket yet for a lighter, more breathable one, that’s a good first step, we always recommend natural, organic fabrics and filling whenever possible.

Find out more about the Snoozel Green Natural Mattress here.