Pros and cons of cotton mattresses

Pros and cons of cotton mattresses

Here at Snoozel Green we firmly believe that natural is always best. We also believe that a mattress is one of the most important purchasing decisions you can make. Why? Because your health and sleep are not mutually exclusive. But we’re also pragmatists and truly believe our customers should be in possession of all the facts when it comes to our products so we wanted to give you the pros and cons of cotton mattresses but, you probably won’t be surprised that there are more pros than cons when it comes to a cotton mattress. 


Cotton is soft to the touch and this property is equally true on a mattress. Softness helps with cushioning and everyone knows that a really good mattress should be comfortable and natural cotton (along with the other materials like organic wool and natural latex) makes a Snoozel Green mattress very comfy. 


A lot of mass produced mattresses are made from synthetic fibres (we’ve discussed this at length here), and it won’t surprise you to learn that the Snoozel Green mattress doesn’t contain anything synthetic. There’s a myriad of rather nasty side effects from synthetic fibres, none of which will be a problem when sleeping on a mattress that is made from natural cotton. 

Air Circulation 

Synthetic fibres when worn as clothes make you sweat. The same is true for a mattress made from synthetic fibres. Natural cotton is intrinsically highly breathable allowing good air circulation, especially when the mercury rises. 

Great for absorbing moisture 

Natural fibres like organic cotton and wool have an innate ability to wick away moisture. This means that moisture (more specifically sweat!) won’t get trapped in the mattress. 

Extremely durable 

Many cheaper, synthetic mattresses will often sag over time. Natural cotton mattresses, on the other hand, are much more durable than the synthetic alternative. Cotton mattresses, especially when teamed with natural latex are very resilient. 

Increased firmness

Natural cotton mattresses tend to be firmer (the Snoozel Green mattress is medium to firm). A mattress which is slightly firmer tends to be better for people who sleep with a partner who frequently tosses and turns throughout the night. The increased weight transfer absorbs this energy, delivering a better night's rest for the sleep partner less likely to move around during the night.

Full disclosure, a cotton mattress might not be for everyone. Here are (just a few) cons. 

A natural product 

A 100% natural cotton mattress is an organic product. And, as such can attract, natural creatures like mites. The good news? This can be mitigated through regular (but not onerous cleaning). With the Snoozel Green mattress we have a layer of sheep wool directly underneath the organic cotton top surface. This helps to create a dry sterile environment that is actually hostile to dust mites.

Pressure points

Natural cotton mattresses, especially when they age can become firmer, over time. This is why you will rarely see a cotton mattress in a hospital or hotel. Pressure points can become particularly acute for side sleepers. It is, however, also worth noting that a Snoozel Green mattress (because it is made using natural latex) will last significantly longer than a synthetic latex alternative. 

Fire Hazard 

Natural cotton in its purest form could constitute a fire hazard. However you will be pleased to know that Snoozel Green mattresses are naturally fire retardant because of the sheep wool in the top layer, and the graphite that is added to the natural latex layer.