Organic bed store

Organic bed store

Here at Snoozel Green we have been proud to have been producing our organic, natural mattress since 2018. We noticed that lots of ‘mattress in a box’ companies were appearing, we looked under the metaphorical hood and we’re less than impressed with what we found. Recently, we have expanded our product range to include our natural topper and natural latex pillows. But what does it mean to be an organic bed store? Here are some of the Snoozel Green values.

Sustainable natural materials 

We maintain a low carbon footprint with our production process (especially as it relates to the transportation of materials). Labour is carried out in accordance with the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). These standards, for us, are not just a tick box exercise, they are at the heart of the ethos of Snoozel Green.

Our makers are as important as our customers 

The latex we use (one of the core components used in our mattress, pillow and topper) is 100% natural and sustainable. The organic cotton and wool we use in the production of our products, by dint of the GOTS certification, is free of chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides, which doesn't just benefit our customers but the farmers and workers who produce the raw materials.

Our factory matters

We went through a long due-diligence process to choose the right partner to produce our products. Our partner in Sri-Lanka was established three generations ago, the Group, started as a rubber trading company but are now thoroughly modern and have sustainable practices at the heart of everything they do. 

Because our factory signs up to the GOTS and GOLS business certification you can rest assured every farmer and factory worker involved in the production of a textile or natural latex product is paid and treated fairly. The standards’ social standards are based on the International Labour Organisations key principles, which are: 

  • Employment chosen by freewill (no forced labour) 
  • The right to collective bargaining i.e. unionisation
  • Safe and hygienic work places
  • Never any child labour 
  • Fair working hours 
  • No discrimination  

By ensuring that everything that goes into a Snoozel Green product is at once, natural, sustainable and, of course, organic you can rest assured that you are making a difference to not just your health but also the health of the planet. And, in a world that is becoming increasingly polluted (and warmer) we think it’s pretty important stuff.