Keep warm with a mattress protector and/or topper

Keep warm with a mattress protector and/or topper

Why not just add more blankets?

You ideally want to transform your winter bed into a warm and cozy cocoon, that you can relax and feel comfortable in. It is easy to focus solely on the top layers, which are obviously important, but if you overload with duvets, blankets, and throws it can become uncomfortable and too heavy, which is not conducive for a good night’s rest. 

We recommend creating a solid foundation, starting with an awesome natural mattress, then adding either a protector or topper to keep you well insulated, snug, and helping you get a better night’s sleep this winter.

Try out a mattress protector

The first investment you can make is in a good quality natural material mattress protector. This will have the benefit of keeping your Snoozel Green mattress surface clean and tidy, whilst also allowing the surface to breath, taking advantage of the natural properties of the organic certified cotton and wool. Our personal favourite is the @whiteandgreen 100% organic cotton quilted mattress protector, which is lightweight and breathable, whilst providing additional insulation and padding for extra comfort.

White and Green mattress topper in action

Get on toppers 

Alternatively, you can add a mattress topper for a more substantial layer of comfort and insulation, but it will reduce the effectiveness of the Snoozel Green mattress surface to control temperature, and airflow. Therefore, it is essential to select a topper with a breathable organic material casing, around a comfortable and supportive natural filling, such as coir, wool or latex.

The Snoozel Green mattress topper will be available towards the end of 2020, made using organic cotton, wool and natural latex, which adds an extra level of luxury to our mattress, ideal to snuggle down and hibernate this winter.