Is natural latex biodegradable?

Is natural latex biodegradable?

Purchasing a new eco mattress is a big deal, there is a lot of choice out there and if you choose the wrong mattress, unfortunately you’ll be stuck sleeping on it for a while. Plus on top of the choice, you have to decipher the labels and fabrics to ensure your mattress is truly environmentally friendly.

In a sea of greenwashing, we’re here to make things clear. A bed can be comfortable, beneficial for you, and truly environmentally friendly with Snoozel Green. In fact, we founded the company with the goal of creating a mattress that covers all of these points. 

We use 100% natural grade A latex in our mattress, which provides amazing support and comfort. Made in Sri Lanka and grown in sustainable Hevea brasiliensis tree plantations, where the biodiversity and tree count is not disturbed. The trees are tapped while continuing to grow and live, plus when they reach the end of their lifespan, we plant more! The latex is then blended with natural graphite (for its fire retardant properties) and vulcanised. Strictly no toxic chemicals are used in this process from start to finish, and we think this is the way it should be!

This principle of protecting our environment applies to the lifespan of your mattress, as natural latex is biodegradable and recyclable, causing no excess waste. A latex mattress can last up to 20 years, considerably longer than the 5-7 year average of other mattresses. At the end of its time as a mattress, the latex material can be recycled and will eventually degrade if placed correctly into a landfill.

We’ve seen that mattresses are a growing problem for our waste management and tips. This is due to high mattress turnovers, materials that are not biodegradable, and often they contain multiple chemicals as the materials used to make many beds come from petroleum-based sources which are non-renewable, that can damage the earth for decades.

Plus the natural latex also serves as a bonus for you. Natural latex mattresses are perfect for side sleepers, which research has shown most of us are. They provide cushioned support and contouring which keep the spine aligned whilst lying on one’s side. The natural construction of our natural latex mattress means it will have great airflow to keep you cool also, no matter the outside temperature.

Overall, the benefits of a natural latex mattress outweighs the other options, especially if you have the environment in mind. Explore and try our range of natural, environmentally friendly mattresses here. So now you can lie back and enjoy the buoyant support of a hypoallergenic latex mattress, knowing your planet is protected.