Is a firm mattress better for your back?

Is a firm mattress better for your back?

Before we delve into this let us caveat with two points 1) we’re not medical professionals and, 2) firmness is entirely subjective. Mattress shopping (especially online) can be a minefield, there are so many materials to choose from and, of course, you can pay as little or as much as you like (or can afford). But every mattress shopper regardless of budget will have a preference to whether they want a soft or firmer one. In this piece we’ll discuss whether a firmer mattress is better for people who want to take care or suffer with back pain. 

What makes a mattress firm? 

This depends on what the mattress is made from. In the case of a spring mattress, with little layered protection the springs themselves will make it feel firmer. With a solid latex mattress its firmness is a result of the foams density, this may be listed on the mattress technical specification, but definitely ask them to confirm if they do not list it. Mattresses marketed as memory foam will, in most cases, feel softer. A hybrid mattress containing both a spring system and a latex layer, such as Snoozel Green, will have its firmness determined by a combination of the two working in harmony. However, what is true with all mattresses is that the thickness of the ‘comfort layer’ will have a huge impact on its firmness. 

The benefits of a firm mattress

The big benefit of a firm mattress is support. Softer mattresses will let the sleeper ‘sink’ into it, which means your back will be less supported when you sleep. The firmer mattress will allow the sleeper to truly be sleeping ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ their mattress which has a number of benefits, not least for the hot sleeper

Firm mattresses tend to put less pressure on muscles and joints. Soft mattresses can put pressure on your muscles causing them to become tense. Sleeping on a firmer mattress can help your muscles relax more and allow your body to uncoil. 

Sufferers of chronic back pains sleep will benefit from choosing a firmer mattress as it helps them retain a neutral spine position. In turn, this position improves oxygenation and allows us to breathe more easily, and can help prevent numbness. 

Firmer mattresses are perfect for back sleepers. Why? Back sleepers who have experienced a soft mattress will probably recognise that they have woken up with a sore back. This is because the weight between the bottom and top half of your body is unevenly distributed on the mattress. A firmer mattress better supports your spine and prevents you from sinking lower and mitigates against those nasty aches and pains. 

The Snoozel Green difference 

The Snoozel Green 100% natural latex mattress is medium to firm. The natural latex is super supportive, resilient and also provides 360 degree support by adding a 5cm layer of natural latex around the sides of our mattress creating a firm, stable edge and means your mattress won’t sag at the sides. 

If you want a mattress that is good for your back, and the planet, we think you will enjoy the Snoozel Green difference. And, you can try it risk free with our 101 night guarantee.