How to transition from Summer to Autumn....

How to transition from Summer to Autumn....

The change of season into autumn doesn’t need to leave you fatigued and frustrated. Here are 6 top sleep tips to get you from Summer into Autumn courtesy of snoozel HQ.

1) Have you seen the light?

Autumn’s shortening days means that you're not going to be exposed to as much sunlight. Not only can this lower your level of vitamin D, which may leave you feeling fatigued, but it can throw off your natural circadian rhythm, which regulates feelings of wakefulness and sleepiness. Luckily, getting plenty of sun on your face in the morning can help you avoid this pitfall, so be sure to open the curtains as soon as you wake up and, if possible, go for an early morning walk, ambitious we know! After sunset, do the opposite and dim the indoor lights to get your body back on track.

2) Chillout

As the temperature begins to drop you might be tempted to reach for the thermostat and crank up the heat, but it’s actually best to keep your bedroom cool, we prefer 15 °C to 20℃. At night, your internal temperature drops slightly. If you get too hot, your body will struggle to bring its temperature back down, which can cause you to wake up. 

3) Get tucked up

There’s nothing we love more than opening up the trunk and digging out the winter duvet and cozy blankets. Be sure not to get too carried away and overheat..... Try starting off with a layer less than you think you need (we find you soon warm up when you’re tucked in for a bit). And, always use natural organic fibres, which will breath and naturally insulate you. Nature has usually solved our problems better than we can!

4) Be on time

During the Summer it is common for people to pick up the bad habit of sleeping fewer hours than you really need. Who can blame you, we all want to be out enjoying the sunshine and warm evenings right? However, it is important to get back to 7-8 hours of regular sleep, which fits in nicely with the early Autumn daylight hours. Remember, routine is king when it comes to getting the most out of your sleep.

5) Harvest festival

Every season has its fruits, and particularly in Autumn, so be sure not to give up on eating fresh. Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and vitamins, which are obviously good for your general health, and your sleep health too. One of our top recommendations is to keep up the vitamin C intake, which you can find in oranges, kale, broccoli, peppers, and strawberries. It can help fight sleep deprivation by reducing cortisol (a stress hormone) levels, which is often the cause of poor sleep.

6) Get the blood pumping

Most people find themselves spending more time lounging around indoors during the cooler months of Autumn. Too much Netflix and slothing around can make the body tired due to lower oxygen levels and vigorous blood flow pumping through the body. We all know that feeling right? Keep your energy high by staying active. We love a good country walk, which ends next to a cozy open fire in a pub, or a session or two of hot  yoga, to help transition the body from summer to autumn.


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