How to reduce your (partners) snoring naturally

Snoring is a major cause of friction in a relationship, as it can be incredibly disruptive and break the victims sleep cycle. Victim probably is not the right word, as there are no winners in a bedroom with a snorer. Both parties are likely to suffer disruption to their sleep, being woken by the noise, and the snorer could be doing themselves even greater harm. Studies have shown that long term snorers can be raising their blood pressure putting extra strain on their hearts, which increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Natural snoring solutions

  • Keep it natural: Use a natural material mattress, sheets and bedding that help to maintain a dry sterile sleep environment, which is hostile to dust mites (the main cause of bedroom allergies). This will reduce the likelihood of allergies causing inflammation and congestion in your nose and airways.
  • Drink less: Alcohol causes muscles in the throat and tongue to relax and collapse in your airway, which makes snoring more likely and severe.
  • Keep your airway clear: if you suffer from allergies or congestion try using aromatherapy to give your nose and sinuses a good clearout before bedtime. We love to have a steamy bath with a blend of essential oils in the evening if we are feeling a bit congested.
  • Sleep on your side: use a good quality natural material pillow that gives your head and neck sufficient support to sleep on your side. Side sleeping will alleviate some of the natural pressures on your throat that you will experience if you sleep on your back.
  • Try to slim down: a bit more of a long term solution, but if you are able to shed a few pounds it will help to alleviate some of the pressure on the airways caused by bulky tissue. There are obviously a panoply of other health benefits from losing a bit of weight, but taking a few decibels off your snoring is a great incentive.
  • Raise the head of your bed; just a few inches will help to keep your head up and encourage your tongue to sit forward in your mouth, rather than sliding back in your throat.

  • There are a whole host of appliances that promise to reduce or eliminate your snoring, and we do not believe there is a perfect one that will cure everybody. We believe that the natural adjustments to your lifestyle and sleep set up will make a huge impact, and if you do want to try out a chin strap or nasal strips they might just do the trick for you.

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