How to be green this Halloween

How to be green this Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us………🎃  so hopefully you are planning a spooky good one. We have a few tips on how you can be green at the same time 🧟‍♀️


We love a classic Jack O’ Lantern, but try to get your pumpkin from a local grower or greengrocer. Once you have had fun carving it out, keep hold of the seeds to roast as a snack, and the flesh for soups or pies.

Have a creative streak? Why not make your own decorations? You can use cardboard to make skeletons & tombstones; make spiders out of black pipe cleaners; create ghosts out of old sheets, the options are endless, and websites like pinterest are a great resource for inspiration. You can even put bloody handprints on your windows using red poster paint! 

If you don’t have the creative powers to rustle up your own decorations and need to buy some in, always search out ones that are recyclable or good enough quality to be reusable next year. 

Check out your local charity shops for some creepy props like candelabras, dolls whose eyes follow you round the room, mirrors, old bottles and jars.

Carved halloween pumpkins


Mass produced sweets are not always as good as they taste; too much is bad for your health; and they can have an environmental impact from bad farming practices and excessive plastic wrapping.

Why not try to avoid all those individually-wrapped lollies, and make some sweet treats yourself? We love cookies, along with the kids, that don’t need to be overly sweet or unhealthy for that matter, this is one of our go to recipes. And, of course you get the fun of decorating them as vampire faces, eyeballs, or witches.

If you do buy in some sweets, as always try to get clean and organic wherever possible. There are some decent options available at most supermarkets nowadays, and we are big fans of @nakdwholefoods and @deliciouslyella

Halloween cookie


One of the worst parts of Halloween is the millions of poor-quality mass-produced costumes. These are largely made from unsustainable manmade materials and are manufactured under poor labour standards. They inevitably barely last the day, and end up being sent straight to landfill.

Check out your local charity shops to find some great pieces or fabrics that you can repurpose into the perfect costume. Get creative and turn the making of the costume into an activity even more fun than the night itself.

Small boy in Reindeer Halloween costume