Green Mattress

Green Mattress

What is a green mattress? To us, a green mattress means one that is eco-friendly and therefore kinder to the environment and you. In this post, we'll answer what constitutes a green mattress and why Snoozel Green is the smart choice if you want to be kinder to the planet and yourself. 

How can a mattress be eco-friendly? To us, a green mattress is made from natural materials and without harmful chemicals. A lot of traditional mattresses contain dangerous substances like synthetic latex (which can cause allergic reactions) or chemical fire retardants that are used to slow down the rate at which the material catches on fire but have the negative side effect of continuously emitting poisonous gases into your bedroom air.

Why should I buy a green mattress? There's no question about it - you'll sleep better with less exposure to toxic fumes and allergens while also having peace of mind knowing that you're helping reduce pollution by choosing an eco-friendly product. If everyone made a greener choice this would help ensure we have clean air for generations after us as well as preserve our planet's rapidly dwindling resources.

A mass-produced mattress tends to have a useful life of seven years. Whereas a mattress made with natural latex will have a useful life of 15 to 20 years. Why is this? Natural latex is a far more resilient product because latex is harvested from the rubber tree. 

Mass-produced mattresses are generally made from petrochemicals so are a big problem for our environment when it comes to disposing of them. After the life of a green mattress is done, it can be recycled and turned into other products rather than being dumped in a landfill site or burned.

A green mattress (to us) should also mean it is organic.  Not only does a green mattress need to be made from natural materials, but it also has to be organically produced, which minimises the risk to our makers and the environment. Organic mattresses are safer for our health because they don't contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that can leach into the groundwater as well as harm wildlife in contact with them such as animals or insects. 

The Snoozel Green mattress is made under the GOTS certification which means that it is made from 100% organic cotton and wool and doesn't contain any toxic chemicals. This certification also means that not only do our mattresses reduce exposure to harmful chemicals to consumers, they're also better for the people who produce them because they don't have to work in harsh or unsafe conditions. The GOTS certification ensures not only that the materials are organic it also ensures safe and ethical conditions, right along the supply chain. 

In summary, a green mattress is environmentally friendly, organic and ethical. All of the things you would want when choosing a product which is going to be used as frequently as a mattress and especially one that can have such an impact on your health and that of the planet.