Design a kids bedroom

Design a kids bedroom

Design a kids bedroom

 From cots and furniture to natural and organic materials, we have some top tips to create a healthy, eco-friendly kids room. 

If you are expecting for the first time or already have a house filled with little ones, you will likely be spending a lot of time and energy picking out the best and safest products for your kids. You will want to thoroughly research and vet everything from prams to toys before they make it into your home.

You will obviously be drawn to the cutest styles and want to create an instagram worthy look, but should you be paying attention to sustainable and organic materials in the nursery too?

Right now, natural, non-toxic and ethically made products are more readily available, so you do not have to compromise when it comes to style and substance. We have a few expert tips and brand recommendations to aid you in the design of a beautiful eco-friendly children's room.


Quality or quantity…..we say quality!

When you are browsing kids products it is easy to just want to add it all to your basket, I mean, it is all just so cute, but discipline yourself! Think of the longterm use of those purchases and how you can get the best value for your pocket and lower your impact on the planet. For example, you can look for a cot bed that is able to convert into a toddler bed to grow with your little one. If you buy quality items that are versatile, they can be passed down to any future siblings or family friends, and ultimately last a life time.


Look for Organic certification

When buying expensive items, like cots, prams and mattresses you have a lot to think about and research, it feels like you have to become a technical expert on each of them. Your major concerns will probably be cost, style and perhaps most importantly the materials used and green credentials. A shortcut for you to feel assured that the mattress you are buying is Organic and ethical is to look for the GOTS organic certification that covers off any textiles such as cotton and wool, and the GOLS certification that guarantees any latex is Organic. The Snoozel Green cot mattress is GOTS and GOLS certified so you know that the materials are all natural and Organic, the supply chain has been audited and everyone involved from farmer to manufacturer has been fairly treated.


Paint it green (not just the colour)

Faded terracotta, Dutch orange, Pigeon Grey, there are endless colour choices for your nursery, but whatever colour you choose, make sure it is green. By green we mean low in VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which are gasses released by a number of man-made and processed products. Our advice is to try to find an an eco-friendly paint such as the Farrow and Ball water-based range, which don’t release any unpleasant smells, as well as being safer, more comfortable to apply and live with, and kinder to the environment than oil based paints. 


Plants will grow with your little one

Plants look great in a kids room, and there are so many options when it comes to shape and colour, which will help stimulate your little one and get them interested and curious about nature. The plants also have the added benefit of helping to detoxify the air in the nursery, but always be sure to keep them out of reach and to avoid anything that can cause harm with sharp bits or when ingested.


Recycle where you can

When it comes to furniture you can find a lot of people offering perfectly good second-hand cots that their little ones have simply outgrown. Check with family and friends to see if they have any that you can take on (they will probably be grateful to clear it out) or try using local listing websites. When it comes to buying new, which you will probably want to do with bedding and mattresses, look for low impact primary materials that can be easily recycled, like organic cotton, or those that will biodegrade (most natural/ Organic materials).


A few of our kids bedroom favourites:


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Little leaf Organic

Source the very best organic cotton and use it to make luxury bed linen, sheets and cot blankets @littleleaf_organic

National Trust shop

Let your little one curl up with something extra cosy from the National Trusts range of high-quality wool throws and blankets. Choose from gorgeous patterns and exclusive prints created by their in-house designers @nationaltrust