Are Latex mattresses healthy?

Are Latex mattresses healthy?

Having the correct mattress for you is important for your general health as well as your sleep. As we relax, unwind and doze off, our bodies and mind are active, detoxifying and processing the day. This is to leave you feeling fresh in the morning, and, if you don’t wake up revived after a night of uninterrupted sleep, this could be a problem with the mattress and your overall sleep health.

For those with allergies, it is recommended to opt for the most natural, organic mattress you can find, and the key to this is reading the labels. Natural latex is healthier due to the lack of synthetic fillers and chemicals which can cause irritation to your health. 100% natural latex will not cause general allergies because the end product (the organic mattress layer) is chemical free and open-celled due to the natural way it is processed, which creates a hostile environment for the allergy causing dustmite..

 We’ve found that latex can often be labeled as natural yet it may contain fillers which could trigger or provoke certain allergies. These synthetic additions may contain chemicals that over time can become carcinogenic. Labelling a mattress as made with natural latex is allowed, as long as there is a certain percentage of natural latex in the synthetic blend. Keep your eyes peeled for this, as you may be looking for the benefits and eco-friendly appeal of natural latex, yet end up with a disguised product.

We’re proud to say that all of the latex used in Snoozel Green products is 100% natural. We use 100% A grade tree tapped latex (never synthetic) from Sri Lanka. This is then blended with a small amount of natural graphite to ensure the end product is fire retardant without the use of chemical additives or sprays.

Latex which isn’t 100% natural is created with a blend of chemicals that may cause irritation. These can be skin rashes, streaming nose and eyes or can even encourage sleep overheating. Most regular mattresses will have some form of synthetic Latex that contains polyurethane and other chemicals to cut down on cost. This form of synthetic latex is a blend of latex and fillers which make the synthetic latex less durable and more carcinogenic.

Our organic, latex mattresses are purely a botanical product that is made from the sap of sustainably grown rubber trees, so they are not a man made product or in any way a derivative of petrochemicals. This also means they are antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites, due to the botanical makeup and chemistry of the latex so microbes or other bacteria simply cannot thrive in natural latex foam. Causing less build up, and an unhealthy environment for pesky mites to thrive.

Plus, as an added bonus, natural latex mattresses tend to last much longer than synthetic latex styles, up to 20 years. So whilst they may be more expensive at first, they will save your bank balance and health in the long run! 

Find out more about natural latex here or contact us if you have any questions, we’re more than happy to help.