5 reasons you should be Hot Water Bottling this Winter

5 reasons you should be Hot Water Bottling this Winter

Winter is almost upon us, and while the short days, failing light, and cold damp weather can be looked upon negatively……… We prefer to see it as an excuse to get our hygge game on point, making our bedroom as warm, cosy, and snug as we possibly can. One of the key weapons in our Winter arsenal is a top notch hot water bottle. And here are 5 reasons that we think you should get one too:


Woman enjoying her hot water bottle and a cup of tea


1) Pains in the neck - Or anywhere for that matter! 

We all pick up daily aches and pains that we just tend to ignore, and more often than not this ends up doing us further harm. A hot water bottle is a great tool for heat therapy, which is quick and easy to do yourself at home. When you place your hot water bottle on the problem area it makes blood vessels to dilate, stimulating blood circulation, which helps heal the damaged tissue. By increasing the blood flow to a painful area, it will also encourage the removal of any lactic acid build-up contributing to your pain. Sore, stiff or spasming muscles will be relaxed by the warmth of a hot water bottle too. For any serious injuries you should always consult a medical professional, but a hot water bottle is an awesome home remedy for back aches, stiff necks, joint pain and trapped nerves.

Woman showing her sore neck


2) Relieve stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety seem to be the everyday reality of modern life for a huge number of people, and it is something we should all be looking to reduce. The simple act of holding a warm hot water bottle close to you can have a hugely positive impact  on your mental well-being. Much in the same way that a hug releases your positive energy and emotions, a hot water bottle can act as an artificial hug, which is a great way to self-soothe if you are feeling out of control or down in the dumps. The feelings of warmth, comfort and security are naturally relaxing to everybody.


3) Sleep soundly

The colder weather can be tough to deal with, and if like me you live in an older home, the drafts can creep in and make the prospect of sliding in between some ice cold bed sheets daunting. Try placing your hot water bottle in your bed a good 15 minutes before hitting the hay, it is a game changer. Your bed will be instantly welcoming, and you can focus on the important task at hand, which is of course getting some good quality sleep in. We all know how important our sleep is to our overall health and well-being, so any marginal gain is very welcome.

4) Get things off your chest

Staying healthy throughout the winter can be a tough task, and we are all bound to pick up a runny nose, cough, or cold at some point. Falling ill is never a pleasant experience, but a well paced hot water bottle can offer relief from some symptoms; a hot compress against your chest can soothe congestion in your lungs and help you breathe more freely; or try pressing it to your face if you are suffering from inflamed eyes or sinuses. 

5) Cramp relief

Placing a hot water bottle on the abdomen brings pain relief and soothing comfort for menstrual cramps. The gentle heat encourages blood vessels to dilate, stimulating blood circulation, which helps relax the cramping muscles. Take care to only use the heat therapy in short bursts of no more than 20-30 minutes.

 Woman with her sleeping bottle in her pyjama's

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