100% Organic Latex Mattress

100% Organic Latex Mattress

Snoozel Green is proud to produce a 100% organic latex mattress. In this piece we wanted to take a deeper dive into what organic and natural latex is, how it’s made and the big difference between ourselves and the mass produced, petroleum based alternatives. 

What is latex and how is it harvested?

Quite simply latex is the milky white substance that is used to make rubber (if you’re interested we have explored latex at length here). Most Latex is manufactured in the Far East, or in our case, Sri Lanka. The latex in the Snoozel Green organic mattress is harvested from Forest Council Stewardship approved groves naturally and sustainably. A small channel is carved in the bark of the tree and, over two to three days, the latex is collected in small bowls ready for processing. 

Processing using the Dunlop method

There are two ways to process latex, the Talalay and The Dunlop. When it comes to the Talalay method air is effectively sucked out of the foam as it is frozen. The Dunlop process, however, retains the air and the freezing stage is skipped. The net result of this process means that the cell structure is closed. How does this translate to the feel of the Snoozel Green mattress? The mattress itself is denser, owing to its molecular structure giving our mattress a medium to firm feel. 

What are the benefits of a 100% organic latex mattress? 

Latex mattresses by dint of their natural makeup are at once have both an elastic and a firm quality, similar to mass-produced mattresses marketed as memory foam. This allows it to adjust to the shape of your body but also ‘spring back’.  Unlike synthetic memory foams, however, latex is highly resistant. Mattress marketers will tell you a mattress should be replaced every five to seven years, which seems to be the case with mass produced synthetic ones. The life-span of a natural 100% organic latex mattress, however, is 15-20 years. Finally, because the Snoozel Green 100% organic latex mattress is not made using any synthetic materials it make it the perfect option for people who have allergies or those with chemical sensitivities, as well as parents looking to reduce the risk of their children developing an allergy due to a dust mite infestation in their mattress.

Feel Snoozel Green difference risk free 

Hopefully you can see that the longevity of a natural mattress not only benefits your wallet but the planet too. But we know that choosing a new mattress is a highly subjective decision and is often not only down to one person. After all side sleepers and back sleepers often share the same bed and not all partners weigh the same! This is why you can enjoy the Snoozel Green difference, completely risk free with our 101 night trial. And, if you have tried our 100% organic latex mattress and love it (we think you will) you can sleep easy knowing that you also have a five year guarantee.